What: Online business consultation group for launching and growing your business

Who: Anyone who has gone through the Core Somatica training

Where: Discussions in private Facebook group, meetings on Zoom

When: 5 week series at Noon PST starting Wednesday Oct 17th (10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14)

Cost & Registration: $300 up-front or $330 via payment plan (click bolded links to register)

Contact: or 1-650-887-4751

Week 1 - Business Planning and Data Tracking

  • How do you define your market?
  • Where are you going and how do you know if you are headed the right direction?

Week 2 - Marketing 101

  • What is your energy naturally being pulled?
  • How can you structure your marketing to build awareness, engagement and bookings?

Week 3 - Awareness

  • Deep dive on how to let potential clients in your community know you exist!

Week 4 - Networking

  • Deep dive on how to let potential referral sources in your area know you exist!

Week 5 - Booking and Staying on Track

  • What are the things you can do to increase likelihood to book and show up?
  • How can you continue to remove obstacles and stay on track?