There are currently three unique ways to work with me. You can join one of my monthly online circles for women or men, or join one of my online groups for couples or individuals, or work with me privately… all of which are described in more detail below.

Monthly online Down To There™ circles

Wish you had a group of people you could talk with about sex? Down To There™ circles are a unique opportunity to join others from around the world. In these hour-long online conversations, participants will share their experiences around a topic related to sex and relationships and have a chance to ask me questions.

Circles are hosted using the Zoom app, with all attendees wearing headphones, with audio and video on. Registration options below.

8-week online Down To There™ groups

Struggle with knowing or communicating how you feel and what you need emotionally or physically? Caught in a negative cycle with your partner? Have a good relationship, but want to make it even better? Experiencing low desire, erectile dysfunction or challenges with some other aspect of your sexuality or sexual function?

Down To There™ groups meet for 8 weeks in a row, exploring a new topic related to intimacy each week. Participants will gain a greater understanding of how to connect with their own desire, how to share that desire with a partner in a way that is more likely to be reciprocated, how to better understand how their partner’s desire works, and how to repair when challenges arise. These new skills will not only help you have better sex now, but also have great sex for a lifetime.

Group size will be a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12. Pricing includes initial hour-long private session to determine whether the group is right for you. Have questions? Email me at

Private coaching

As a sex and relationship coach, I help couples and individuals explore how challenges in relationship can offer unexpected pathways to increased intimacy and connection. My approach is collaborative and experiential which means rather than just talking about what is going on, I’ll offer suggestions during our sessions to try something different in the moment to see what can be learned. I don’t believe there is any one right way to be in relationship, but I am interested in helping you discover what is uniquely right for you.

I am available for private coaching for couples and individuals out of my Cupertino office (75 minutes) and also over Skype (60 minutes). Sessions are $325, payable by credit card at time of booking. I currently see clients on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST. If you are interested in coaching, please reach out to me at

Weekend Retreat at Esalen

I will be teaching a workshop at Esalen in Big Sur, CA the weekend of June 26-28, 2020. Throughout the course of the weekend, we will explore how the messages we've received about sexuality throughout our lives have impacted the ways we receive and share emotional and physical intimacy. Learn more and register here.