4 friends. 4 weeks. 4 conversations about sex.

I believe we have a better chance of getting more of what we are looking for in our intimate lives when we are able to talk about sex. So I created Down To There Circles as a way for friends to have conversations about sex and relationships... to share stories and to be inspired by other's experiences.

I provide support and content for the meetings for free. No strings attached or expertise required other than the desire to bravely ask your friends if they want to talk about sex openly and honestly.

Meeting topics include: Debunking Myths, Cultivating Desire, Exploring Fantasy and Embracing Passion. Nervous just reading those topics? Trust me, I get it. The first meeting I held, the room was filled with nervous laughter and everyone who had partners had told them they were going to yoga. Fast forward a couple meetings and nervous laughter had shifted to genuine laughter, and most attendees had confided where they were going (with their partners being more than supportive, asking when the next meeting was going to be!). 

There are 4 total meetings, which can be spaced out in any way that works best for you. Ideal location is a group member's living room, though a restaurant or bar is okay if all group members are comfortable with that. Ideal circle size is between 4 to 8 participants... big enough to be diverse and small enough to be intimate. 

Want to start a circle of your own? Email me at pam@downtothere.com or call me at 650-887-4751. I can answer any questions you have and share the necessary resources to get started. Also, though I'm a woman, the resources shared and discussion prompts are intended to be gender neutral. If you are gender queer or male-identified, I would love to support you in starting a group!

Here’s what DTT circle participants have said about the experience:

“I now feel more balanced and sexually tuned in. It has opened the door to classes, toys, books, conversations, and education to outlets it would have taken me years to explore and discover.”
“Best thing that has come out of this for me is that we talk about what we want. It is almost like I have the vocabulary and the permission to do that now. Our relationship was always strong, but now it is getting stronger sexually as well. It makes us a better couple. We are nicer to each other, and we are more united as a couple.”
“I’m friends with my body again, my partner and I are finally having regular sex again, and I’m even starting to enjoy it again! Being able to talk to other women who have experienced similar problems in their sex lives and relationships (especially with the addition of kids) has really made a big difference.”
“I love that this is a group of awesome, strong, and interesting women who create a safe space to explore tough/taboo topics with respect, humor, and openness. I love that no topic is off-limits and all kinds of discussions about sex and intimacy are normalized and healthy.”